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Who Am I?

I have been practicing as a licensed psychotherapist and professional coach for over 30 years.  I have extensive experience helping people navigate life's challenges and am skilled in using both short and open-ended treatment approaches. Non-judgement, compassion and confidentiality are my highest priorities.

I provide psychotherapy for women and men from late adolescence through seniority. Too often I see people being characterized by their deficits. I recognize and leverage my client's strengths in my work and often frame their  challenges as being part of one's journey through the phases of normal human development.

I have specialties in treating clients with partner betrayal trauma and problematic sexual behaviors, including sexual addiction.  In addition, I have expertise working with people experiencing grief and loss, depression and anxiety, relationship issues, major life changes, catastrophic illness, widowhood, single parenting, young adult transitions, aging, and work-related issues.

Beyond my professional role, I am a husband, a father and stepfather, a widower, a divorcee, a brother, an uncle and great uncle, a son, nephew and brother-in-law, a pet owner and I am blessed to have many close friends.

My passion has been the ocean since I was a child.  Thank Jacques Cousteau and my 5th grade teacher, Mr. Beckham, for that.  I grew up in coastal Southern California and have been scuba diving for 46 years.  I am currently a certified divemaster.  I am especially at peace underwater and love hunting spiny lobster at night the most!

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John Gaspari, LCSW, CSAT


326 South Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 205

Redondo Beach, CA 90277


Appointments available   

in person or online.


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