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My Philosophy

In 33 years of practice, I have never ceased to be moved by, and immensely respectful of, the courage it takes for a person to reach out to a stranger for help, often at a critical point their life. Kindness, compassion, connection, and clinical competence are the essential elements of my professional self.


I have a diverse background, having provided counseling services to individuals and couples for a wide range of personal, family and work-related issues.  I have deep experience coaching leaders for high performance and provide consultation on all matters related to human relations across the life span.


I have expertise in the areas of grief and loss, depression and anxiety, major life change, single parenting, widowhood, mid-life and emerging young adults.  In addition, I specialize in coaching and counseling men in personal, relationship, and work-related issues. 



As both an experienced psychotherapist, certified professional coach, employee assistance professional and a man, I use an atypical perspective to help adults of all ages overcome obstacles in their personal and professional lives and to identify and achieve the goals to which they aspire.

I take both problem-centered and strengths-based approaches and am experienced working in both short-term and open-ended formats.  I am always interested in understanding how one's past experiences influence their present day life.


If people were honest, they might tell you they don't feel consistently and adequately 'heard, known, understood and accepted'.  I believe to be really heard, known and understood deeply and to be accepted unconditionally, without judgment, is what people ultimately need and desire.


Change begins with a conversation. Let's start one that matters today!

John Gaspari, LCSW, PCC


326 Pacific Coast Highway Suite 205

Redondo Beach, CA 90277


Appointments available   

in person or online.


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